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Twin sisters found dead in Naples Island house in Long Beach Long Beach Police are investigating the death of two twin sisters who are in their home in Naples Island, one of the most rich in city. Women are identified Los Angeles County coroner’s officials as Valerie Christine Blackler and Diane … learn more about Los Angeles Times
State orders Google to remove ‘mystery’ Barge From Treasure Island SAN FRANCISCO (CBS / AP) – Mystery Google barge must move from a construction site on an island in the middle of San Francisco Bay, because the permits are in order, state officials said Monday. The contact came after the San Francisco Bay … learn more about CBS Local
Cops: masked gunmen rob Barnum Island Home Fourth Detective Squad are looking for two masked men armed with pistols Barnum Island residence robbed late Wednesday, injuring one of the occupants when the gun discharged. Nassau County police said the two gunmen wearing ski masks in … learn more about Newsday